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Artem Malorasky

Manhattan - UES/UWS/Midtown

Math - Physics - Academic Support - ACT/SAT - Subject Tests

7th Grade - 12th Grade

Artem “Tioma” Maloratsky has over 25 years of experience teaching, tutoring, and mentoring. He has worked extensively with both gifted students and those with learning challenges. His success with a wide range of ages and abilities is based on much more than fluency in the academic subjects.

Tioma offers private tutoring in mathematics and physics, with optional integration of mindfulness for improved academic focus and self-regulation. He also offers preparation for standardized tests such as SAT, ACT, AP Calculus, AP Physics, GRE, ISEE, SHSAT, or SAT Math and Physics subject tests. He has worked with students from top New York schools such as Stuyvesant, Collegiate, Dalton, Trinity, Buckley, Browning, Trevor Day, York Prep, Friends, Riverdale.

The core aspect of Tioma’s approach is a high sensitivity to learning style and temperament of each student, an ability to continually adjust so as to create the experience of “flow” – an engaging and enjoyable learning experience – while seamlessly ushering in new skills. Over the years, Tioma has honed his ability to combine the remediation in fundamental skills with the necessary forward momentum in students’ present coursework. When appropriate, he is able to quickly create sets of custom-tailored practice exercises which help a student solidify skills on a given topic.

Highly individualized instruction has been of central interest to Tioma since he began working with the Experimental Study Group at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, teaching physics courses to small groups of MIT freshmen. After receiving a B.S. degree in Physics from MIT, he completed the joint MIT-Wellesley education program and taught high school mathematics and physics at Boston Latin Academy and at Coral Springs High School. After moving to NYC, Tioma returned to small group and one-on-one instruction, both independently and as part of Individual U – a unique organization that crafts highly individualized programs for children, teenagers, and young adults to boost academic performance and develop executive function skills.

Early on, Tioma recognized the value of the emerging field of mindfulness in education for increasing students’ attention and self-regulation. He became certified as an instructor by Mindful Schools, Inc., and integrated a mindfulness program into the curriculum of Individual U. While continuing his work with Individual U, Tioma joined Peak Year, Inc., which helps teenagers and young adults build skills crucial for a successful college experience. He has also been involved with the Executive Function Center of New York, which focuses more directly on the development of executive function skills based on the definitive work of Adele Diamond. At these two organizations, Tioma has continued his work of combining academic instruction with mindfulness practices.

Tioma is a lifelong learner with a keen interest in developing both sides of the brain. He has been an adult student of the arts, which has given him a unique perspective on the deeper principles of learning and a highly intuitive approach to teaching. He is fluent in English, Russian, and Spanish.

Book your reading now and why: Started Rudolf Steiner's "Intuitive Thinking as a Spiritual Practice" in order to better understand the philosophy behind the Waldorf Schools approach. Found it very dry, got through about half of it, and felt like taking a break, have been re-reading some Chekhov short stories (one of my top favorite writers).

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