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Luke Himmelsbach

Manhattan - Hamptons - Remote

Writing - Creative Arts - Homework Help - Executive Function

1st Grade - High School

With a background in journalism and digital editing, Luke’s passion lies in helping students hone in on their writing abilities while falling in love with different writing styles used to convey meaning in composition. After earning a Bachelor’s in Journalism and Sociology from the University of New Hampshire, Luke was a sought after writer and soon began working at the renowned Long Island publication, Hamptons Magazine (A Division of Modern Luxury).

He quickly became the go-to article writer and story chaser in his role as Editorial Assistant, where he conducted high profile interviews and composed multiple weekly articles for the publication. He was later recruited by Modern Luxury to become the Digital Director of, all while maintaining his second love and hobby as an artist. Luke prides himself on all things creative and pushes his students to unlock their expressive and imaginative potentials through self-expression in art and writing. Luke's vast experience from journalistic storytelling to multiple art forms will help your child look inwards and find the ability to create and produce meaningful developments in a fun and engaging way.

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