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Family Education Manager

All your tutors under one roof

Tutoring. Simplified.

We began our Family Education Manager program after years of observing frustrated parents juggle multiple tutors and agencies for multiple children. We are here to handle scheduling, invoicing, tutor quality, future planning, and any other questions you may have. 

Our team consists of school heads, test prep experts, application consultants, and some of the best teachers in the country. When you work with your manager you are gaining the knowledge of professional educators hellbent on providing the highest quality services available. 

At your convenience, let's set a time to simplify your weekly schedule and maximize your child's potential.   

Outdoors Tutoring

In-House Management

Allow us to take care of all of your family's tutoring needs in one place. Take back your time and let us handle all the scheduling, coordinating, and other headaches surrounding your private tutoring and education consulting needs.

  • Dedicated manager and management team available to you and your family 24/7/365.

  • Emergency sessions any time of year

  • Access to a wealth of knowledge from all of our education professionals ranging from nursery school teachers to Masters programs. 

Educational Collaboration

Your management team is in constant communication about the most effective ways to teach and mentor your children. Each session, tutors add to your child's learning profile, giving us better insight into effective teaching methods unique to your child.

Knowledge is power. 

Built for the Future

Your child's learning profile is much more important than just a week-to-week teaching tool. It is, in fact, the key to thinking and planning for long-term academic success. 

5th grade Mandarin can become the first step to taking the AP; 2nd grade math taught with an eye towards the SSAT; Literacy comprehension and composition skills that will carry your child through college. It is never too early to start a track towards excellence. 

Please call us today to set up your free consultation.

We look forward to working with your family.

Teacher Assisting a Student

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