Laura Bradford

Manhattan - Remote

SAT - ACT - PSAT - SSAT/ISEE - Regents - Math - Executive Function

6th - 12th Grade

Laura Bradford delights in teaching and tutoring secondary level math. She currently splits her time between tutoring and teaching math part-time at The Chapin School in Manhattan. Her favorite part of tutoring is witnessing those moments when students reach their goals in math and in their broader lives.

Laura’s mathematical journey began at Bard College, where she earned her BA and MAT in mathematics. She taught math at Phillips Exeter Academy for three years before moving to New York in 2017. With her nuanced understanding of Exeter Math, Laura developed tutoring techniques customized for students learning math in any Harkness-style classroom. Laura is experienced and passionate about tutoring all kinds of math curricula, but Exeter Math holds a special place in her heart!

Math grades 6 – 12, any curriculum. My specialty is Exeter Math (all levels). Real emphasis on Exeter Math – I absolutely LOVE tutoring it! I also tutor the math sections of the SAT (including both subject tests), ACT, PSAT, SSAT/ISEE (middle and upper levels), Regents (all levels), and GRE. I prep students for the AP Calculus AB and BC exams too. I work with my students on organization, executive functioning, communicating with their teachers, and planning their course selections based on their long term goals. I often find I start working with a student for their math class, then later become their test prepper and unofficial adviser. General note for matching purposes: I prefer subject tutoring over standardized test prep, but I am still very willing to do test prep when there’s a need.

In her free time, Laura enjoys strength training, reading, sewing, origami, composing music, walking to places near and far, and spending time with her friends and family.

Book I am currently reading:

The Wisdom of Insecurity by Alan Watts. Very fitting for these crazy times!


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