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Matt Friedman

Manhattan - Hamptons

Math - Reading - Writing - Social Skills

Prek - 8th Grade

Matthew Friedman is currently a full time private educator, who creates individualized lesson plans tailored to students interests and needs so they can reach their academic potential. Formerly, Matthew spent eight years teaching public school in the Bronx. He began his career teaching first grade and also taught 3rd, 4th and 5th grade before moving to an out of classroom position working with students in grades K - 8. 

During his time in the Bronx, Matthew mentored younger teachers, organized spelling bees and various math competitions, and formed close bonds with teachers and families that will always be important to him.  He learned how to reach all students regardless of the number of students in the class, by individualizing instruction and making every lesson as fun as possible.  

Prior to his work in the Bronx, Matthew received a bachelor's degree from the University of Wisconsin - Madison in Sociology.  He then earned his Masters Degree in Childhood and Special Education from New York University.  He also spent three consecutive summers teaching elementary school in South Africa and had 45 students in his class.  Matthew truly enjoys teaching, which is always evident in his lessons.  

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