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Victor Pereira

Manhattan - Brooklyn - Remote

Biology - Chem - BioChem - Calculus - Psychology - EF

6th Grade - Undergraduate

Victor grew up in Boa Esperança in São Paulo, Brazil, before coming to America to pursue further education. He has a background in Chemical Engineering – Nanoengineering, and Biomedical Engineering from the University of California. His expertise lies in the sciences and mathematics subject fields such as; Biology, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Calculus, and Physics. His other areas of interest and knowledge include; Portuguese, Psychology, Emotional Skills, Organization Skills, and Time Management. Victor is currently, pursuing his Masters of Science in Biomedical Engineering at Columbia University with a Behring Fellowship. In his work, his aim is to apply knowledge and experiences in the research field while combining Biomedical Engineering with Psychology/Neuroscience to understand and develop more efficient therapeutic approaches for mental health issues and neurodegenerative disorders. 

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