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Caroline Franklin



Public Speaking

Manhattan (Upper East Side)

Caroline Franklin has been a teacher, administrator, and parent in New York City independent schools since 1983. She teaches English and history at a boys school where she also leads community service. Her main areas of practice are English, history, writing, public speaking, and drama. In addition to teaching, she has co-authored or contributed to books, reports, and articles about the education and development of boys (Mastery in the Practice of Teaching Boys by Victoria Marsick and Paddy O'Toole) and girls (Options: The Female Teen’s Guide to Life in a Changing World ), and served as a summer mentor through the Harvard Center for Public Interest Careers. Caroline received her A.B. magna cum laude in English and American Literature and Language from Harvard College and graduated from the Trinity School in New York. She is the mother of two grown sons, both now working in academia.

What I'm Reading: Like many New Yorkers, I always have four or five books on the go at any one time. Right now, these are the books on my nightstand: The King's English, Kingsley Amis (I collect eccentric grammar and usage books); Zucked: Waking up to the Facebook Catastrophe, Roger McNamee (I'm always looking for insight on how social media affects the way my students learn); Few Eggs and No Oranges: the Diaries of Vere Hodgson, (I've been reading my way through a number of WWII memoirs lately); and A World Lit Only by Fire: the Medieval Mind and the Renaissance, William Manchester (I'm an amateur medievalist and currently re-reading this, one of the greatest books ever written on the topic).

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