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Irvin Liu


Mandarin - Math - Physics - Engineering

5th Grade - 12th Grade

Born and raised in China, Irvin is a Chinese native speaker. Irvin finished most of his studies in China, thus he has a deep understanding of the Chinese language and culture. In 2016, he
moved to New York City and got his master's degree in Civil Engineering at NYU. He is working as a full-time engineer at WSP Global Engineering and Consulting Company now and he works
as a Mandarin teacher in his spare time.

Irvin is an energetic and enthusiastic teacher when teaching, he believes the importance of learning a language from an immersive language environment, thus he loves to teach language through content areas, especially math and science. He has facilitated and created an 80% Mandarin-speaking environment to improve student's oral language skills. Influenced by his own experience, Irvin believes “Interest is the best teacher”, so he has created a teaching style which uses various teaching tools such as videos, images, stories, the phenomenon of daily life, to inspire students and make the class more engaging and enjoyable.

With a cheerful and open-minded personality, Irvin has always built a strong affinity with his students. Irvin has always described himself as a good observer, his sensitive observance makes him a responsible educator who persistently creates individualized lessons for students and makes the lessons challenging but achievable. He is not only imparting knowledge to students but has always been helping students to pursue critical thinking skills and gain self-
confidence through learning.

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